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        Double sorting machine

        Release Date:2019-04-30 15:00:48 Browse:5047


          XYFZ series double sorting machine adopts the new type of horizontal vibrating air screen technology, its main characteristics is a vertical air screen a suspension settling separation into two suspension settling separation, sieve material conveying device adopts three layers of vibration, the materials generate layered effect in vibration and the airflow, the lighter materials floated to the top the heavier materials, lower layer settlement, is conducive to the light impurity eliminating. Compared with the vertical air sieve, fan in the same power and the same air flow, air pressure and other parameters of horizontal vibration sieve, air cleaning effect, volume utilization index was significantly higher than that of vertical air screen, is the alternative technology of vertical air screen.
          High technology content: set winnowing, screening (classification), the proportion of selected functions, electromagnetic speed adjustable stepless control the proportion of Taiwan frequency, finished good purity, high quality. The comprehensive performance of the domestic advanced level.
          Production rate: processing speed, short cycle, high efficiency. Don't fit provided acquisition processing households, roasted seeds and nuts and seed business enterprise use.
          Adaptability: the machine of seeds(sunflower seed, black melon seeds, white melon seeds, red melon seeds, beans, etc.) of wheat, corn, rice and other granular materials have good cleaning effect.Green environmental protection: a spiral dust removing system, dust can be light impurity concentration, settlement after discharge, no pollution.

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