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        Performance characteristics of corn bean grading sieve

        發布日期:2019-04-29 16:39:01 瀏覽:4726次

        The cleaning screen of the corn-mixed wind screen combination machine is a three-layer sieve bottom. The first screening of the front screen is used to clean the dust in the grain, and then the main fan is used to clean the final air before the discharge. After cleaning, There is a small grain throwing machine at the forefront to carry out long-range projectiles, and finally reach the pebbles contained in the food and grain for cleaning mildew!

        The corn bean combination screening sieve coffee bean grading sieve has the characteristics of high output, small dynamic consumption, unique structure, easy installation, maintenance, convenient change of sieve cylinder, etc., and suitable sieve holes can be selected according to material properties, and the double-layer sieve cylinder The structure has achieved the purpose of “one thing and three clears”, which can protect the machinery and equipment from failure or damage. At the same time, it can be used in the acquisition site to eliminate the miscellaneous application of the original grain and ensure the purity of the original grain. Degree, reached a safe storage standard.

        According to the size and specific gravity of the grain, the screen is replaced. The screen has a punched screen and a stainless steel woven mesh. After the screen is selected, the fan can adjust the air volume according to the specific gravity of the sieve, such as millet, castor bean, and sesame. For corn, such as sunflower seeds, the fan can be inverted and the damper can be adjusted to meet the screening and cleaning requirements.

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